Our signature aluminum fishing boat.

  • Pro Series Aluminum Boat
  • Pro Series Aluminum Boat
  • Pro Series Aluminum Boat
  • Pro Series Aluminum Boat
  • Pro Series Aluminum Boat
  • Pro Series Aluminum Boat

Classic Series Aluminum Boats

Our signature aluminum boat, the Classic series, is THE top line aluminum fishing boat available and uniquely 100% configurable. The standard layout moves all compartments — rod box, live well, storage — to the sides of the hull, allowing our completely clear “Center Aisle” for ultimate ease of fishing. The Classic comes in a bottom width of 54 inches and lengths of 16, 17 and 18 feet. The Full-V bottom front-to-back allows for the driver to enjoy superb handling and comfort in choppy lakes or bays. Our commitment to NOT using composites or wood allows the hull to be light and nimble – running fast and planing out quickly, even with lower horsepower 4-stroke outboards that are typically unfit for vessels of this size.

Pro Jet Aluminum Boats

If you’re interested in powering your aluminum boat with a jet outboard – look no further than our Pro Jet. The Pro Jet comes in bottom widths of 54, 60 and 72 inches and lengths of 16, 17, 18 and 20 feet. The newest in our line of hulls, the Pro Jet is light and efficient enough to run swiftly with mid-range 4-stroke jet outboards. We’ve taken the Pro series, lightened the hull, developed a superb jet tunnel and balanced the weight properly for running jet outboards. The result is a perfect platform for running 40-150HP jet outboards on rocky, stumpy, sandy, shallow rivers, making this the perfect aluminum river boat. Enjoy the worry-free mindset of not having any part of your outboard be below the bottom of the hull and the ability to skim over rocky shoals just inches deep. The Full-V bottom allows for superior handling in turns and rougher water while our X-Tunnel feeds water to the jet intake with incredible efficiency for maximum speeds and no blowouts.


  • Full-V Hull

  • 16 ft – 18 ft Length

  • 25 hp – 115 hp Engine

  • Stick Steer

    Center Console


  • Full-V Jet Tunnel Hull

  • 16 ft – 20 ft Length

  • 40 hp – 150 hp Jet Outboard

  • Stick Steer, Center Console


  • Smoothest ride

  • Superior handling

  • Drier ride vs. Semi-V or Flat

  • More efficient hull design




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Great boats need great motors to complete the package. Mercury, Tohatsu and Suzuki Outboards are available on all Xtreme Boats.

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