Where is the factory located and what are the hours of operation for visiting the factory?2021-12-11T12:38:47-06:00

We’re located in Northwest Florida (Panhandle), just east of Bonifay, off HWY 90. Our address and map of location can be found here.

I want to talk directly to someone that knows the ins and outs of boat building to answer questions about boat designs, fabrication, etc – how do I do this?2021-11-11T22:22:15-06:00

Call the Factory directly – Every phone call is answered by staff that have worked 10+ years in boat building. Call us today!

Can I see how the boat building process takes place before I purchase?2021-12-11T12:38:20-06:00

Yes, we happily give tours showing the boat building process at the factory. Contact us and we’ll schedule a tour.

Is there ANY wood used ANYWHERE in the construction of an Xtreme Boat?2021-12-11T12:38:01-06:00

There is absolutely no wood, wood-composite material, or any other product containing wood in any part of any Xtreme Boat. More information is available on our boat building process.

What type of flotation material do you use in Xtreme Boats?2021-12-11T12:37:42-06:00

We used only 2-part closed cell flotation. This helps ensure the flotation does not “waterlog”. More information is available on our boat building process.

What type of carpeting do you use in Xtreme Boats?2021-11-11T22:23:43-06:00

Our boats are carpeted with a MARINE carpet that utilizes a 100% BCF Olefin fiber with double backing (Polypropylene/Rubber) that ensures a long life, good drain-ability, and easy of cleaning. In fact the yarn fiber is made with the most highly ultraviolet stabilized colored BCF Fiber yet developed! Also – It is designed to not “catch” hooks when they are drug across the carpet.

What are the “fins” on the back/bottom of every Xtreme Boat?2021-11-11T22:24:03-06:00

This extension of the bottom of the boat is actually designed to act as a trim tab. It allows custom “tuning” of the hull to fit your weight loading and horsepower needs. When properly adjusted, they can help eliminate porpoise-ing, increase range of trim, and provide a higher top end speed.

What Gauge/Thickness of Aluminum are Xtreme Boats made from?2021-12-11T12:37:05-06:00

Xtreme Boats’ hulls are constructed of a minimum of 0.125″ (1/8″) aluminum. PRO and XT models are constructed utilizing 0.190″ (3/16″) bottoms. We can custom build boats mixing/matching most thicknesses. More information is available on our boat building process.

I have a sketch of a boat that fits my fishing needs perfectly, can I have Xtreme Boats build this for me?2021-11-11T22:25:02-06:00

Yes! We have built hundreds of personally designed boats for folks that have their perfect design in hand. Why pay a box store for a mass-produced boat when you can have a custom design built just for you? If you’re spending your hard earned money on a rig, then get the rig that meets YOUR needs.

If I order a custom boat, how will I be updated during the construction process?2021-11-11T22:25:18-06:00

After a work order is received a shop foreman assigns a team the process of building your personal boat. Photos can be taken and emailed to you during the different phases of construction upon request. This keeps you up to date on what phase of personalization your boat is in. We contact you or your dealer approximately 2-3 working days before your boat is ready so pickup can be arranged.

I live in an area where you do not have a dealer network, do you offer delivery services?2021-11-11T22:25:33-06:00

We have contacts for services that can deliver boats out of our dealer network area. Most of the time, we can offer out-of-area discounts on complete rigs to help compensate for this expense.

How do I get information on how to become an Xtreme Boats dealer?2021-12-11T12:36:26-06:00

Refer to our dealer inquiry page.

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