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What is your credit improvement program?

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Through an analysis of the consumer credit report, we are able to offer suggestions in terms of closing or paying off accounts or making other credit adjustments which will result in rapid improvements in the customer credit score.

Can you guarantee I will get the best finance rate?

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We have heard this promise from time to time as well. Just as with guaranteeing approval, this claim should cause you to question the credibility of the source. Rates are set and offered by the lending institutions based strictly on the customer’s creditworthiness. By approaching our many lenders, we often receive several loan offers at

How many lenders do you work with?

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We are continually expanding our portfolio of lenders. We can present your application to as many as 20 sources. It never comes to that. We get approvals with the first three to five lenders.

Can you guarantee a loan approval?

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If anyone tells you that they can guarantee approval, you should check it out very closely. This is not a guarantee any reputable organization can give – and you won’t hear it from us. Loans are approved by the lending institutions based on credit scores and other factors that effect creditworthiness. However, the good news

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